Nagayu CO2 Spa Treatment

We are so excited to offer the Nagayu CO2 spa treatment. Originally from Japan this system is designed to help dogs with skin problems such as skin irritation, hot spots, yeast build up, flea and tick bites, warts, odour, dandruff and dry skin! The Nagayu CO2 Bathing System also helps and encourages hair growth and leaves the coat and skin noticeably cleaner and healthier

The tablet is placed in a special hydrotherapy showerhead and is dissolved with fresh water. It causes the release of nitric oxide into the inner lining of the blood vessels increasing circulation. This process helps maintain a healthy PH level in blood and skin.

Results can typically be seen after one treatment, but long-standing issues will require follow up baths for the treatment to work. While the Naygayu Skin Therapy Treatment will not cure skin problems, it will help alleviate the symptoms. It is not a substitute to veterinary medicine.

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